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Gas Permeability Testers

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  1. Oxygen Permeability Analyzer

    C230 is applicable to determination of oxygen permeability of plastic films, sheeting, paper, packages and other relative packaging materials in food, pharmaceutical, medical apparatus, daily chemical
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  2. Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) Tester System

    OX2/230 is an high accuracy and cost efficient equipment to measure oxygen transmission rate of barrier materials.
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  3. Oxygen Permeability Test Equipment

    OX2/231 is professional applicable to the determination of oxygen transmission rate of film and package products, including plastic films, composite films, sheeting, plastic bottles, plastic bags and other packages.
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  4. Oxygen Permeation Testing System

    G2/131 can used for gas (oxygen, CO2) permeation testing for packaging materials, based on differential pressure method and according to ASTM D1434, ISO 2556, etc.
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  5. Oxygen Barrier and Permeation Properties Tester

    Labthink C230 Oxygen Permeation Instrument is a professional, high efficiency and intelligent OTR test system.
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  6. Oxygen Permeation Test System

    G2/131 Oxygen Permeation Test System is based on differential pressure method to measure oxygen permeation of packaging materials.
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  7. Oxygen Permeability Tester for Polyethylene Films

    C230 Oxygen Permeability Teste is featured with high accuracy, high intelligence and good repeatability.
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  8. Oxygen Permeation Analyzer

    OX2/230 Oxygen Permeation Analyzer is applicable for oxygen transmission rate test of plastic films, sheeting, foils and finished package, featured with high accuracy and cost efficient.
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  9. Oxygen Permeability Tester

    OX2/230 is professional usable to the purpose of oxygen transmission rate of film and package goods, comprising composite films, plastic films, plastic bottles, sheeting, plastic bags and other packages
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