Tearing Resistance Tester Elmendorf Method

Tearing Resistance Tester Elmendorf Method
Product Description
I-Lacera 5500 Elmendorf Tearing Resistance Tester is based on Elmendorf method and designed for tearing test of films, sheeting, flexible PVC or PVDC materials, waterproof films, woven materials, cardboard, textiles and nonwovens.

Technical Specifications

Test Specs

Pendulum Capacity

200 gf, 400 gf, 800 gf, 1600 gf, 3200 gf, 6400g f

Gas Supply Pressure

0.6 MPa (outside of supply scope)

Port Size

4 mm PU Tubing

Environment Monitoring Specs (Optional)

Voltage Monitoring Range

AC 0~250 V, with ±0.5% accuracy

Current Monitoring Range

0~15 A, with ±0.5% accuracy

Energy Analysis Accuracy


Environmental Temperature Monitoring Range

-10oC~55oC, with +0.1oC accuracy

Environmental Humidity Monitoring Range

0~100% RH, with ±2% RH accuracy

Inclination Angle Monitoring Range


Other Specs

Instrument Dimension

480 mm (L) x 380 mm (W) x 560 mm (H)

Power Supply

AC (85~264) V (47~63) Hz

Net Weight

24.5 kg (Basic Pendulum of 200 gf)


ASTM D1922, ASTM D1424, ASTM D689, ISO 6383-1-1983, ISO 6383-2-1983, ISO 1974

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