Primary Adhesive Testing Machine

Primary Adhesive Testing Machine
Product Description

Primary Adhesive Testing Machine

Adhesive bandage plays an important role in the medical field with wide applications in injury. The adhesive strength of the adhesive bandage is of crucial importance.

Labthink CZY-G Primary Adhesive Tester can be used to test the adhesive strength of the adhesive bandage.

Its testing principle is rolling ball principle and made up of incline board, base, stainless steel ball and ball acceptor, etc. First, set the incline board in a 30 degree angle against the horizontal board; paste the adhesive side of the adhesive bandage sample on to the incline board. Place a stainless steel ball on the incline board and adjust its primary place, release the ball. It rolls across the adhesive side of the adhesive bandage. According to the biggest stainless steel ball, we can determine the primary adhesive strength.


Angle Range

0 ~ 60o

Panel Width

120 mm

Testable Area Width

80 mm

Standard Steel Ball

1/32 inch ~ 1 inch

Instrument Dimension

320 mm (L) x 140 mm (W) x 180 mm (H)

Net Weight

6 kg

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