Portable Heat Seal Strength Tester

Portable Heat Seal Strength Tester

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Technical Details:



Capacity Range

0 ~ 100 N


1% FS


0.01 N

Tensile Stroke

100 mm

Power Supply

AC 220V 50Hz

Instrument Dimension

500 mm (L) x 165 mm (W) x 130 mm (H)

Net Weight

3.5 kg

Standards: This instrument imitates to the nationwide standard: QB/T 2358

Basic Applications :

  • Plastic Films, Sheets, Composite Films
  • For heat seal strength analysis of sheets, plastic films, and compound films e.g. package for prompt
  • noodle, washing powder, mill powder as well as the outside packages for drugs and food made of PP, PE, PET or complex films


  • PSST-100 Portable Heat Seal Strength Tester is planned for heat seal forte test of composite films,
  • plastic films, and other substances. This tool is appropriate for on-site measurable inspection.
  • The gadget is regulated by micro-computer with menu line, huge LCD display and PVC operation panel that is suitable for the worker to appraisal the challenging data and results
  • Professional software assists unit conversion, probability statistics, data query, and normal delivery display
  • Chargeable and Power cord battery as power provisions
  • Portable project for on-site inspection
  • Armed with RS232 port which is suitable for the data transmission
  • Supports LystemTM Lab Data Sharing System for unchanging and systematic data administration

Standard Configurations :

Universal Sample Grips and Mainframe

Optional Parts :

Communication Cable and Professional Software