Plastic Bottle Cap Screw Torque Meter

Plastic Bottle Cap Screw Torque Meter

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Labthink NJY-20 Plastic Bottle Cap Screw Torque Meter is to test open and lock forces of bottle caps.


  • This tester for beverage and wine is operated by mini computer, portable in size and convenient in operation.
  • It's of lock force and open force modes that can preset testing times and record testing data continuously.
  • It peak value is kept automatically.
  • This instrument pre-installs the Access for great amount of data storage as well as functions of deletion and statistics.
  • The distinguished aspect for this instrument is its parameter keeping function during power failure.
  • Its rapid and effective performance facilitates the quality control of PET plastic bottles for the beverage and wine enterprises, so as to better control the product quality.