Plastic Bag Flexibility Test

Plastic Bag Flexibility Test

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Labthink’s XLW(PC) Auto Tensile Tester is also used to test tensile strength of plastic bags.

The tests can be performed according to the following procedures:

(1)   Cut 5 pieces of specimens along the machine direction and transverse direction of the plastic shopping bag samples respectively. The dimension of the specimen should be 15mm by 200mm.

(2)   Clamp the two ends of the specimen in the upper and lower sample grips. The longitudinal axis of the specimen should exactly coincide with the line of centers of the upper and lower sample grips.

(3)   Set test speed and specimen width and other necessary test parameters.

(4)   Click Test button to start test. The system will calculate and display the test results automatically.

Various test results including tensile force at break and tensile strength are provided for reference. According to those test results, the manufacturers of plastic shopping bags can determine whether their products can meet requirements for repeated use and may improve the manufacturing craft if the test results are unsatisfactory.

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