Package Integrity Test System

Package Integrity Test System
Product Description

Package Integrity Test System

Leak test is aimed to test the sealing quality and integrity of a package.

Labthink MFY-01 Package Integrity Test System is professionally designed for the leakage tests of packages.

It is based on bubble emission method and  conforms to standard ASTM D3078.

This instrument can test packages of food, drugs, medical instruments, daily chemical products, cars, electronic components, stationeries and other industrial products. Also it can be used to test seal performance of specimens after falling and compression tests.

The test can be performed as follows:

Firstly submerge the specimen in the water within the vacuum chamber, and then evacuate the vacuum chamber to form differential pressure between the inside and outside of specimen. The leakage property could be obtained by observing the steady progression of bubbles from the specimen and how the specimen expands and restores to its original shape after vacuum release.

For more, please view http://en.labthink.com/en-us/product/mfy-01-leak-tester.html

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