Oxygen Transmission Rate Analyser

Oxygen Transmission Rate Analyser
Product Description


Film and Foils Testing, Package Testing, Plastic Testing, Blister Pack Testing, Rubber Testing 

Test Property 

Oxygen Transmission Rate, Oxygen Permeability 

Test Method 

Equal pressure method (coulometric sensor method)


ASTM D3985, ASTM F2622, ASTM F1307, ISO 15105-2, and ASTM F1927

  • Wide range and high precision of temperature and humidity control
  • Patent design of three diffusion cells integrated in one instrument for individual or multiple tests
  • Can be easily connected with 9 satellite bases together to accomplish up to 30 tests at the same time
  • Reference film
  • Test range: 0.01~65,000 cm3/m2
  • Resolution: 0.001 cm3/m2
  • Temperature range: 15 °C~55 °C
  • Humidity range: 0%RH, 35%RH~90%RH, 100%RH
Instrument Size
  • 690 mm (L) x 350 mm (W) x 360 mm (H)
  • Net weight: 70kg
Ordering information 
  • Catalog number: OX2/230
  • Optional Parts: Sample Cutter, Accessories for package test, etc.
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