Oxygen Permeation Testing System

Oxygen Permeation Testing System
Product Description

Oxygen Permeation Testing System

Labthink Oxygen Permeation Test System is based on differential pressure method to measure oxygen permeation of high barrier materials


plastic films, composite films, high barrier materials, sheets, and aluminum foils


ISO 2556, ISO 15105-1, GB/T 1038-2000, ASTM D1434, JIS K7126-1, YBB 00082003


Test Range

0.05~50,000 cm3/m2 24h 0.1MPa

Temperature Range

15 °C~55 °C (room temperature 23°C)

Temperature Accuracy

±0.1°C (standard)

Humidity Range

0%RH, 2%~98.5%RH, 100%RH (humidity generator is optional)

Humidity Accuracy


Vacuum Resolution


Vacuum Degree of Test Chamber

<20 Pa

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