Oxygen Permeation Instrument

Oxygen Permeation Instrument

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Labthink CLASSIC 230 Oxygen Permeation Instrument is a professional, high efficiency and intelligent OTR test system。

Test materials: plastic films, high barrier materials, solar back-sheets, composite materials, aluminized films, co-extruded films, aluminum foils, sheeting as well as bottles, bags, cans and boxes made of plastics, rubber, paper and metals, etc.


The instrument uses high precision trace oxygen transmitter with Labthink’s exclusive core control technology which can insulate external interference and reduce signal attenuation so that the instrument can test oxygen in a wide test range with high resolution and sensitivity. The instrument supports multiple test modes, which can be used to test materials with high, medium and low barrier properties.

High Efficiency

The instrument is based on the equal pressure method and adopts Labthink’s second generation patent design of three diffusion cells integrated in one instrument, which improves the test resolution, repeatability and performance in temperature and humidity control.


The instrument is embedded with Labthink’s latest operating software, which is featured with user-friendly interface, intelligent data processing, strict user management and secure data storage. It also supports Labthink exclusive DataShieldTM Note5 (Optional) which provides the users with safe and reliable management of test data and test reports.