Oxygen Permeability Analyzer

Oxygen Permeability Analyzer

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Oxygen Permeability Analyzer

C230 Oxygen Permeability Analyzer is featured high accuracy, efficiency, and Intelligent. This equipment is newly designed and lanuched by Labthink. The instrument is featured with patented design of integrated block consisting of 3 test cells. Equipped with high precision sensors and professional computer-controlled system, the instrument can regulate and control the temperature, humidity and flow rate properly, which guarantee the testing sensitivity and repeatability of test results.

 C230 is applicable to determination of oxygen permeability of plastic films, sheeting, paper, packages and other relative packaging materials in food, pharmaceutical, medical apparatus, daily chemical, photovoltaic and electronic industries, etc.

This Oxygen permeability Analyzer conforms to ISO 15105-2, ASTM D3985, ASTM F2622, ASTM F1307, ASTM F1927, GB/T 19789, GB/T 31354, JIS K7126-B, YBB 00082003-2015


  • Equipped with internal computer
  • package testing is supported
  • professional software
  • reference films available