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Leak And Seal Strength Detector

Leak And Seal Strength Detector
Leak And Seal Strength Detector
Product Code : LSSD-01
2000.00 - 20000.00 USD ($)
Price And Quantity
Minimum Order Quantity :
Unit of Measure :
Price Range :
2000.00 - 20000.00 USD ($)
Product Specifications
Number of Specimens :
Type :
Use :
Package Leak Testing
Test Medium :
Power Supply :
220V 50HZ
Net Weight :
Pedestal Size :
305 mm(L) x 356 mm(W) x 325 mm(H)
Port Size :
Diameter 8mm PU Tubing
Dimension(L*W*H) :
300 mm (L) x 310 mm (W) x 180 mm (H)
Operating Mode :
Semi Automated Operation
Product Description

Precise Leak Testing System is appropriate for the numerical specification of seal presentation, seal excellence, burst heaviness, compression fight, joint/disengaging force and torsion force of elastic packages, sterile packages, several plastic pilfer-proof ends, caps, flexible tubes, and other materials.

Precise Leak Testing System obeys following ideals:

ISO 11607-2, ASTM F1140, ISO 11607-1, GB/T 10440, GB 19741, GB 17447, ASTM F2054, GB 18454, GB/T 17876, BB/T 0025, QB/T 1871, GB/T 10004, YBB 00252005, YBB 00162002

Application :

  • LSSD-01 Precise Leak Testing System is valid to the specification of:
  • LSSD-01 Leak and Seal Strength Detector is applicable to the determination of:

Basic Applications

Plastic Composite Bags

  • Examine the compression confrontation of numerous aluminum films, plastic films, paper plastic compound films, aluminum plastic compound films and additional packaging bags

Flexible Tubes

  • Counting numerous flexible tubes utilized in daily chemical goods and additional industries, e.g. flexible tubes of face cream, toothpaste, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, and food

Creep Test

  • Including various packaging bags and boxes

Creep to Failure Test

  • Including numerous packaging bags and boxes

Extended Applications

  • Spurt Examination Of Blister Packs
  • Counting numerous blister packs

Aerosol Valves

  • Test seal presentation of numerous aerosol valves, e.g. vales of hair spray, pesticide, medical spray packages and auto spray paint

Three-Sided Sealing Materials

  • Test resist pressurization pressure of packing bags with one-sided open and three-sided seal

High Pressure Test

  • The extreme test pressure could range 1.6MPa

Pilfer-proof Closures

  • Test seal presentation of numerous pilfer-proof ends, e.g. closures utilized in packages of beverage, Coke, mineral water, edible oil, sauce (vinegar, soy, and cooking wine), three-piece cans (beverage and beer), and also paper cans (cylinder figure for potato chips)


  • Grounded on the optimistic pressure method and regulated by micro-computer, through LCD, PVC operation panel, and menu interface
  • Dual test devices of limit distension and release distension for client's free choice
  • Dissimilar test styles of creep, burst, and creep to letdown to meet dissimilar test necessities
  • Optional test choice, "one key procedure" and other brainy designs care mixtures of non-standard test disorder

Specification :


LSSD-01 Precise Leak Testing System Supplier

Test Range

0~600 KPa; 0~87.0 psi (standard)

0~1.6 MPa; 0~232.1 psi (optional)

Gas Injection Head

10 mm (standard)

4 mm, 1.6 mm (optional)

Gas Supply Pressure

0.4 MPa~0.9 MPa (outside of supply scope)

Port Size

8 mm PU Tubing

Instrument Dimension

300 mm (L) x 310 mm (W) x 180 mm (H)

Pedestal Size

305 mm(L) x 356 mm(W) x 325 mm(H)

Power Supply

AC 220V 50Hz

Net Weight

23 kg

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