Ink Rub Testing Machine

Ink Rub Testing Machine

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Ink Rub Testing Machine

Abrasion resistance of ink layer is one important parameter that is used to evaluate the printing quality.

Labthink's MCJ-01A Rub Tester can be used to test abrasion resistance of ink layer on paper and paperboard.

The tests are performed according to the following procedures:
  • Cut one piece of specimen from the provided sample and then fix the specimen in the test plane of the instrument. The size of the specimen should be 230mmx50mm.
  • Use a reflection densitometer to measure the density of the ink layer on the surface of the specimen.
  • Fix the rubber pad on the test block and then place it onto the specimen.
  • Set rub times and then start tests. The rubber pad with test block will rub on the specimen surface until the preset rub times are completed.
  • When tests are finished, the density of ink layer will be measured by reflection densitometer and the abrasion resistance of the specimen will be calculated.
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