Gradient Heat Seal Tester Equipment

Gradient Heat Seal Tester Equipment

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Labthink provided CLASSIC 513 Gradient Heat Seal Tester Equipment is used to test heatsealability of plastic films, composite films, coated paper, and other sealing films under certain sealing speed, pressure and 5 different temperatures.

This equipment conforms to the following standards: ASTM F2029Note2, QB/T 2358, YBB 00122003



  • P.I.D. temperature control
  • Wide range of temperature, pressure and time
  • Manual or pedal switch control
  • Test 5 groups of 2 specimens at different temperatures
  • 5 upper sealing jaws
  • Equipped with micro-printer 

  • Specifications:

    Sealing TemperatureRoom temperature ~ 250°C
    Dwell Time 0.5~999.9 s
    Temperature Accuracy ±2°C
    Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
    Temperature Gradient ≤20°C
    Gas Supply Pressure 0.1 MPa ~ 0.7 MPa (outside of supply scope)
    Port Size Φ8 mm PU Tubing
    Sealing Area 40 mm x 10 mm
    Number of Sealing Jaws 10 (5 x 2 groups)Note1