Carton Compression Strength Measuring Instrument

Carton Compression Strength Measuring Instrument

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Labthink Carton Compression Strength Measuring Instrument XYD-15K  can be used for compression strength testing and stacking testing of plastic boxes. It conforms to ASTM D642, ASTM D4169,TAPPI T804, ISO 12048, JIS Z0212, GB/T 16491, GB/T 4857.4

1. Compression Strength Testing for Corrugated Paper Boxes: When testing, place the corrugated box in between the compression plates of XYD-15K Box Compression Tester; and then, set the speed and start the test until the occurrence of box breakage. The pressure is the compression strength in kN. When doing such tests, a preset pressure, normally 220N, is a must before testing.

2. Stacking Tests of Corrugated Boxes: During Transportation, corrugated boxes needs to be stored in the form of stack. The boxes at the bottom endure more pressure than the upper ones. In order to avoid collapse, proper compression strength is needed when stacking. Therefore, stacking testing and maximum compression strength are of great importance. Labthink XYD-15K Box Compression Tester has stack testing function, and can output stacking test result directly.