Carton Box Compression Testing Machine

Carton Box Compression Testing Machine
Product Description

XYD-15K Carton Box Compression Testing Machine Price is used to measure the compressive resistance, deformation and stacking capability of cartons, beehive crates, plastic tanks (for edible oil and mineral water), paper tanks, paper cases, IBC tanks and other packages.


ISO 12048, ASTM D642, ASTM D4169,TAPPI T804, JIS Z0212


  • 4 testing modes: deformation under defined load, load under defined deformation, maximum load and stack tests
  • Light-weight design, suitable for various floor loads
  • Overload protection, maximum stroke protection and error alert for safe test operation
  • Dynamic digital-display of the test number, specimen deformation, real-time load and initial load
  • Single-phase power and direct-current drive



XYD-15K Carton Box Compression Testing Machine Price

Load Cell Capacity

15 KN or 45 KN (Optional)


1% FS

Force Resolution

1 daN

Deformation Resolution

0.1 mm

Test Speed

5 mm/min, 10 mm/min, 12.7 mm/min

Test Space

1 m (L) x 1 m (W) x 1.3 m (H)

Power Supply

AC 220V 50Hz

Instrument Dimension

1.2 m (L) x 1.5 m (W) x 2.3 m (H)

Net Weight

800 kg


Basic Applications:

1. Deformation under Defined Load
2. Load under Defined Deformation
3. Stack Test
4. Maximum Load

Extended Application: Plastic Casks, Mineral Water Bottles

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