ASTM F1921 Hot Tack Tester for Hot Seal Strength Test

ASTM F1921 Hot Tack Tester for Hot Seal Strength Test

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Labthink Featured Hot Tack Tester to measure seal strength of plastic films

HTT-L1 Hot Tack Tester is designed for hot tack and heat seal performance tests for plastic films, laminated films and other packaging films. Meanwhile, it can be used for peel, shear, tension and other test items for adhesives, adhesive tapes, laminated films, plastic films, paper and other flexible materials.

Techncial Specifications

Sealing TemperatureRoom temperature ~ 250°C
Temperature Accuracy±0.2°C
Dwell Time (Heat Seal)0.1~999.9 s
Dwell Time (Hot Tack)0.1~999.9 s
Sealing Pressure0.05 MPa~0.7 MPa
Sealing Area100 mm x 5 mm
Sealing JawSingle sealing or double sealing (Customized)
Gas Supply Pressure0.5 MPa ~ 0.7 MPa (outside of supply scope)


  • conform to ASTM F1921, ASTM F2029
  • Digital P.I.D. temperature control system
  • 4 force testing ranges and 6 testing speeds
  • 4 testing functions including hot tack, heat seal, peeling and tensile strength